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CONCACAF Gold Cup Final

July 16, 2023
@SoFi Stadium


Grow your business.
Grow our partnership.

Collaborate, ideate, and innovate with Office Beacon executives.  We will lead you through the growth process that we've helped thousands of other clients with. Afterward, we'll enjoy this memorable event.

CONCACAF Gold Cup Final
July 16, 2023 5:30PM PST @ SoFi Stadium

Your Hosts


Pranav Dalal

/ / / CEO & Founder / / /

Pranav Dalal is excited to host CEOs and business executives at his Lunch & Learn Workshop at SoFi Stadium. 

You are invited to this very special event where Pranav Dalal will host a workshop on building predictable revenue models. Pranav is the Founder & Chief Disruption Officer at Office Beach, and he'll share how Office Beacon scaled to 5500 employees and unlocked profitability for 1000s of its clients.

An exclusive tour of SoFi Stadium will immediately follow.

You need to be a current client with staffing needs that we can help you with.

If you are not a current client, you can still register.  We'll schedule a zoom call to discuss your staffing needs. 

If we agree on moving forward, we'll formalize our working relationship and start working on next steps. 

Oh, and of course, we'll schedule this event for you so that you can also meet our executive team.

Once you register your interest in an event, we will set up a zoom call to qualify you for the event. 

If you do qualify, we will take care of all the event arrangements including stadium entry and parking (based on availability).

Guests are permitted on a case-by-case basis. 

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this in detail.

We reserve the right to invite or disinvite any guests at any time.  

The primary condition is that you are an Office Beacon client who is growing and adding staff with us.  

Once you've been successfully qualified, an Office Beacon events coordinator will be in touch with you prior to the event to confirm the itinerary, ticketing, and security details

It's where we work.

Headquartered at SoFi Stadium, Office Beacon broadcasts webinars and hosts in-person meetings with clients at the stadium. With its SoFi Stadium partnership, Office Beacon has access to its facilities 365, full use of boardrooms, and conference rooms.  Office Beacon Clients can also expect exceptional experiences including field visits, NFL games, concerts, and global events.

Rave Reviews.

Listen to Chad Zdenek, CEO of CSQ Properties and Development speak about his experience at one of our executive workshops!




We've worked with thousands of businesses and helped them grow.

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CONCACAF Gold Cup Final

July 16, 2023

SoFi Stadium
1001 Stadium Dr, Inglewood, CA 90301